Dr. Sheila Teves is appointed as a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair!

Dr. Sheila Teves is one of 3 LSI PIs newly appointed as Canada Research Chairs in 2022. Read about their awards here: https://lsi.ubc.ca/2022/11/18/three-lsi-researchers-named-canada-research-chairs/


Good bye to Iris and Estelle

Iris joined us in Sept 2021 as a Co-op student. A year later, she completes her co-op and returns to finish her last year for Bachelor’s degree. She received an NSERC USRA award, and has collected data that will be included in a research manuscript.

Estelle joined as in May 2022 as a BMB EDI work-learn student. She leaves us to start her 3rd year of undergrad studies.

Best of luck to Iris and Estelle with the coming academic year!

Stem Cell Network funds the Teves lab

Dr. Sheila Teves is one of three UBC Faculty of Medicine Principal Investigators to be awarded a Stem Cell Network Early Career Researcher Jump-Start Award. This investment in basic stem cell biology will fund a project entitled “Transcription regulation of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes during maturation and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” and is a collaborative work between the Teves lab and the Tibbits lab, led by Dr. Glen Tibbits, in BC Childrens Hospital and Simon Fraser University.

Read the Stem Cell Network press release here

Lab Photo 2021

November 23, 2021. It’s been over a year since we last gathered for a group photo. So here we are! Still growing stronger together.

From left to right: James Kwan, Thomas Nguyen, Quintin Towert, Marek Budzynski, Sheila Teves, Rachel Price, Hazel Cui, Iris Shen, Sehee Shin