Congratulations to Jennifer on receiving a 2023 Synergy Summer Studentship!

Undergraduate co-op student Jennifer Mitchell was awarded a summer studentship award from the School of Biomedical Engineering to fund her summer research project! She will be working on using CRISPR-Cas9 to uncover the mechanisms of how transcription factors act as regulators of Pol II transcription.

Congratulations Jennifer!


Good bye to Iris and Estelle

Iris joined us in Sept 2021 as a Co-op student. A year later, she completes her co-op and returns to finish her last year for Bachelor’s degree. She received an NSERC USRA award, and has collected data that will be included in a research manuscript.

Estelle joined as in May 2022 as a BMB EDI work-learn student. She leaves us to start her 3rd year of undergrad studies.

Best of luck to Iris and Estelle with the coming academic year!