Our most recent work, led by James Kwan and Thomas Nguyen, is now out on BioRxiv

Ever wonder how Pol II transcription starts? So did many several decades ago. Works from Roeder, Hahn, Buratowski, Tjian (and so many more) have ironed out the mechanism of Pol II recruitment and initiation in eukaryotic cells. And these are literally in the textbooks.

At the center of it all is this one protein called TBP. An essential gene, TBP is conserved throughout Archaea and Eukarya. Without it, you don’t get transcription… Or do you???

Well, for reasons we won’t get to for now, we decided to revisit TBP, even though it seemed like it was all figured out a while ago. What we found blew our minds. Turns out, at least in mouse embryonic stem cells, Pol II doesn’t need TBP to transcribe genes!

mouse ES cells don’t even need TBP to induce transcription of silent genes! So what is going on? Read all about it here!

Congratulations to all members of the Teves lab, especially James and Thomas who spearheaded this project together.

We are hiring!

The Teves lab is looking for a motivated, detail-oriented research technician (Tech II position) to start immediately. Minimal requirements include an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (or related field), 3 years of laboratory research experience, and capacity to work in teams. Experience in mammalian cell culture and/or genomics analyses would be great but we can teach you as well!


  1. Carry out an independent research project using a variety of molecular biology and next-generation sequencing technologies to map transcription and chromatin structure in mammalian cell culture.
  2. Keep inventory, ordering, receiving and stocking supplies and keeping records of orders in a data base.
  3. Supervise undergraduate students including work/learn and directed studies students.
  4. Provide training for users of the instruments and equipment in the laboratory.
  5. Attend weekly group meeting, weekly 1:1 meeting with supervisor, and relevant departmental seminars.