Principal Investigator

Dr. Sheila Teves, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, Berkeley
Tjian laboratory

Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Washington, Seattle
Henikoff laboratory


Scientific Philosophy

I believe it’s incredibly fun and fulfilling to start with an interesting and important biological question, to develop a strategy to answer that question, and to see yourself answering that question. It’s important to maintain scientific rigor (it’s all in the details), while not losing the big picture. Also, I love trying out new ideas, techniques, and technologies!

I am committed to open science. Towards this end, we publish our work in open-access format and make all of the data available.

Education and Mentoring Philosophy

I believe that fostering education is an integral part of being a scientist. Although I intend to tailor my mentorship approach individually, my main philosophy to research is that trainees learn best through guided trial and error. For the more novice undergrads and grad students, I aim to expand their base of knowledge, guide them to recognize nuance in scientific approaches, and allow for exercising logic in project development through journal clubs, individual evaluations, and group meetings. But also, I give them the intellectual room to explore and grow on their own, as my mentors have done for me. I provide more independent postdocs and advanced graduate students the freedom to explore scientific questions that drive their passion. I also offer the opportunity for them to train undergrads, as my own experience has taught me that this hands-on approach to mentorship allows for both mentee and mentor to grow scientifically. For all trainees, I consider it my main responsibility to promote future career goals to the best of my ability. Lastly, I encourage a healthy work-life balance that I believe is key in sustaining a passion for science.